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Designer quilts

I have been making quilts for family and friends near and far for many years. Now they are available to you too! 


A Book and A Quilt: an ongoing series of special combos, on Etsy!

Original HBGB designs include: Seattle Quilts, Black and White Quilts, "Adorable Sloth," Frankenstein, "A European Childhood," and Alice in Wonderland.  Three quilts made of Japanese Kimono silk came to life in spring 2020, and the "Respect" series followed in summer 2020.

Each quilt comes with a letter explaining its materials, where the fabrics were found, and the story behind the imagery.

Requests for custom-made quilts are also welcome.

For photos of all these gorgeous creations, see the HGBG Etsy site! 

Each of the light- to mid-weight blankets is unique, of course.

They are works of textile art in vibrant colors, images, and

imaginative symbols.  Backs are in cotton, flannel, or velour.


Inspired by the #Black Lives Matter movement, since September 2020 

I’ve been pouring some of my energies into making "Respect” quilts. Recipients include:  

Author-quilt genius Faith Ringgold, poet Nikki Giovanni, art historian Samantha Noël, Haitian historian Marlene Daut, essayist Kenneth A.

McClane, Jr., and the original inspiration for the project, Anyjah Perkins (former student, now a 5th grade teacher in South Bend, IN).

Respect quilts nos. 10  and 11 went to doctors, Michele Harper, M.D.,

author of The Beauty in Breaking, and Naima Joseph, M.D., former

student and now a distinguished OB-GYN in Boston. No. 12 was sold to

Patrick Carter via the Boys and Girls Club of King County, WA, during the October 2021 fundraiser.  No. 14 went out as a tribute to novelist

Tayari Jones (author of the wonderful An American Marriage).

"Respect" quilt no. 13, "Love and Memory" (right) is now available!

I presented No. 15 to Seattle cellist Gretchen Yanover during the West Seattle Art Hop (9/17/22), and No. 16 went out to the St Joseph County Boys

and Girls Club in South Bend, IN, for a future fundraiser. In February 2023, Respect Quilt no. 17 went out to my old pal and phenomenal woman, Dr. Peaches Henry


Prices vary according to size, design, and materials; free delivery in the Seattle area!

Original HGBG designs

"Seattle Quilt," "Adorable Sloth, "A European Childhood," and Frankenstein (36" x 45"): $499.99

"All Star Seattle Quilt no. 4" (54" x 77") $699.99

"All Star Seattle Quilt no. 5" (58" x 77") $699.99 

​"Respect" quilts:

Small quilt (horizontal wall-hanging, 57" x 37"): $549.99

Large quilt (54" x 76") : $699.99

(20% of proceeds will be donated to the Boys and Girls Clubs of America: 50/50, to the two clubs dearest to my heart, in King County, WA &

Saint Joseph County, IN)


"Black and White" Quilt no. 2 (46” x 62"): $599.99

Custom quilts

(price includes in-person consultation and design creation)

Small (42” x 62 ½”):  $649.99 

Large (58" x 78"):  $749.99

​Custom orders will be created in consultation with clients, preferably in-person. Consultations may be arranged by Zoom, postal letter, or email that includes a detailed explanation of the person or people to be honored, sent to juliawsea@gmail.comIt takes four to six weeks to create a quilt,

and orders will be processed on a first-come-first-served basis.

With the recent surge of interest in custom-made quilts, clients will need

to exercise patience; lead time may run from two to six months.

An illustrated catalogue of our latest work--Spring/Summer 2023--and our community involvement---is available here


- The summer brought such fun, at the West Seattle Summerfest in July, and the Admiral Junction Funktion in August. 

- The winning quilt from the "Win YOUR Designer Quilt" will be presented on 12/1/23, and on display at West Seattle Grounds coffee shop from December 1--15, 2023.

For our Spring / Summer 2023 catalogue: click here.

All HGBG Quilts are sold exclusively at Seattle art fairs, on-line via Etsy

and in-person, via our West Seattle home workshop or free delivery in the city of Seattle.

10% discount for Venmo or cash orders; contact: to arrange delivery / pick-up

Donald and The with B and W No 2.jpg

A BOOK & A QUILT: The perfect gift. Here is Black and White Quilt no. 2, with a rare children's book illustrated by EDWARD GOREY!  

Respect No. 13 long on desk.jpg

Respect quilt no. 13,

"Love and Memory"

Gretchen Yanover receives her Respect quilt Sept 17 2022.jpg

Seattle Cellist Gretchen Yanover (right), receives Respect Quilt no. 15 during the West Seattle Art Hop event in my yard! Honey Girl helped. 

Sea Quilt no 3 on sunny porch Jan 27 2022.jpg

Seattle Quilt, No. 3 (above),

loves the Seahawks!

Coffee shop south 2.jpg
Detail Respect 14 Jan 14 2022.jpg

Respect Quilt no. 14 (left)

Coffee shop interior 1.jpg
Respect Wall hanging no 2 front Harlem T

Respect Quilt (small), no 3

"For Him", detail.

Alice no. 4 on loveseat Feb 28 2022.jpg
Japanese Kimono 2 on wall.jpg

Japanese Kimono silk quilts

nos. 2 and 3 sold in July 2023!

Alice in Wonderland (small) quilt, no. 4 

Japanese Kimono 3 on wall with table and chairs.jpg

The Great Chain of Quilts

(begun in fall 2016)

1.    November 10: Jean’s Quilt Day

2.    November 21: Doug and Ryan’s Quilt Day

3.    December 3: Joyce’s Quilt Day

4.    December 13: Laurent and Véronique’s Quilt Day

5.    January 13: Jayne’s Quilt Day

6.    February 7: Our Quilt Day

7.    February 26 : Andrea’s Quilt Day

8.    May 6: Garance’s Quilt Day

9.    July 5: Seannessy’s Quilt Day

10.   July 29: Dana’s Quilt Day

11.   September 29: Jane’s Quilt Day

12. December 15: The SPARK class’s Quilt Day, 2017, Saint Mary’s College, South  Bend, IN

13. July 22: Pam's Quilt Day

14. March 29: Baby Teddy's Quilt Day

15. May 30: Baby Olivia's Quilt Day

16. June 15: Baby Zoe's Quilt Day

17. August 14: Baby Tomas's Quilt Day

18. September 7: Baby Sofia's Quilt Day

19. January 4:  Meghan's Quilt Day (and wedding day)

20. August 25: Emma's Quilt Day

21. October 5: Anyjah's Quilt Day ("Respect" quilt no. 1)

22. October 20: Charlie & Ana's Quilt Day ("Respect" quilt no. 2)

23. December 5: Grace's Quilt Day ("Respect" quilt no. 4)

24. December 28: Faith's Quilt Day ("Respect" quilt no. 5)

25. January 12: Nikki's Quilt Day ("Respect" quilt no. 6)

26. March 3: Samantha's Quilt Day ("Respect" quilt no. 7)

27. March 10: Lauren's Quilt Day ("Japanese Kimono silk" quilt no. 1)

28. March 18: Marlene's Quilt Day ("Respect" quilt no. 8)

29. April 2: Ken's Quilt Day ("Respect" wall-hanging For the Guys, no. 1)

30. May 2: Elsabeth's Quilt Day ("RARE" quilt no. 1)

31. May 14: Leah's Quilt Day ("RARE" quilt no. 2)

32. May 27: Janice's Quilt Day ("Respect" quilt no. 9)

33. July 9: Baby Sylvie's Quilt Day (from "WIN YOUR QUILT" game, 6/10/21)

34. August 7: Michele's Quilt Day ("Respect" quilt no. 10)

35. August 24: Naïma's Quilt Day ("Respect" quilt no. 11)

36. September 9: Kevin's Quilt Day

37. October 19: Boys and Girls Club of King County, WA ("Respect" quilt no. 12, sold

     via auction to Patrick Carter)

38. November 5: Baby Luca's Quilt Day ("Adorable Sloth" quilt no. 1)

39. November 15: Alice's Quilt Day ("Adorable Sloth" quilt no. 2)

40. December 7: Roxann's Quilt Day (from "WIN YOUR QUILT" game, 11/20/21)

41. December 15: Sabrina's Quilt Day (Seattle Quilt no. 1, from "WIN YOUR QUILT" game, 12/04/21)

42. January 14: Tayari's Quilt Day ("Respect" quilt no. 14)

43. February 3: Karmen's Quilt Day ("Respect" quilt no. 3)

44. February 3: Bryan's Quilt Day ("Respect" quilt small, "For Him")

45. April 29: Elroe's Quilt Day ("RARE" quilt no. 3)

46. May 8: Janet's Quilt Day ("All Star Seattle Quilt" no. 1)

47. July 16: Gladys's Quilt Day ("All Star Seattle Quilt" no. 2)

48. July 17: Lorena and Eduardo's Quilt Day ("All Star Seattle Quilt" no. 3)

49. August 20: Sara's Quilt Day ("Alice in Wonderland" quilt no. 5)

50. September 17: Gretchen's Quilt Day ("Respect" quilt no. 15)

51. October 4: Duane's Quilt Day ("Respect" quilt no. 16, for the St Joseph

    County, IN Boys and Girls Club, via their COO Duane Wilson)

52. October 10: Eileen's Quilt Day ("Frankenstein" quilt no. 2)

53. October 23: Norman's Quilt Day (Family quilt restoration no. 1)

54. October 29: Jan's Quilt Day (Family quilt restoration no. 2)

55. November 24: Lindsey's Quilt Day (custom order)

56. December 19: Mindy's Quilt Day (custom order)

57. February 19: Kathy's Quilt Day ("Alice" no. 1, large)

58. February 27: Peaches' Quilt Day ("Respect" quilt no. 17)

59. June 9: Camila's Quilt Day (RARE quilt no. 4)

60. June 21: John and Becca's Quilt Day ("Alice in Wonderland" no. 4)

61. June 26: Yuena's Quilt Day (RARE quilt no. 5)

62. July 14: David's Quilt Day (Kimono Silk Quilt no. 2)

63. July 15: Donna's Quilt Day (Kimono Silk Quilt no. 3)

64. July 17: CJ's Quilt Day (Black and White Quilt no. 1)

Leah's quilt on last day May 14 2021.jpg
Sloth no 3 with vintage fabric.jpg
Frankenstein no 2 with books.jpg

The "Frankenstein" quilts (above) tell tales of an amazing transformation, and the eternal chase that ensues... between the creature and his maker.

"Adorable Sloth" quilt, no. 3.   

See the light blue flower? It's from a vintage pillow case found at an elegant shop at "Les Puces," the famous flea market in Paris. 

SPARKLERS 2017 session 10 with quilt.jpg

My SPARK classmates and me (fourth from left), with the quilt I made to commemorate our aspirations in 2017. We are gathered for an amazing dinner at my home on historic Riverside Drive in South Bend, Indiana--inspiration for A Spooky Tale of Spring, or How the Grumpy Mom Got her Cheer Back.


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