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Carmen and her Literary Pillow Oct 10 20
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This collection of reviews was begun in 2017 and includes our most recent work at the bottom

On the Tranquility Pillow

"I really like this pillow, first of all because it was made by hand, which makes it unique and personal. The colors of the fabric are pastel, a little childlike, and the mix of textures make it very pleasant to touch. The leaf that snaps on and off inspires meditation. It has a very

relaxing effect.”  

-- Armandine, Saint-Jean-des-Mauvrets, France

“I like your pillow very much. It's beautiful, and brings about calm of spirit and evenness of temper.”    

-- Zhanguo, Lanzhou, China

“My family surprised me with an absolutely beautiful Honey Girl "Tranquility Pillow".  Had to write to let you know how much I love it!!  My favorite colors are so beautifully put together

and are perfect for my sofa.”

-- Joan, South Bend, IN


“The pillow is a dream, so lovely and poetic! And your note touched me deeply. What you see is also what you are. Your note witnesses to your perspective on the world, which is beautiful.”

-- Catherine, Niles, MI

"Thank you for the gorgeous Tranquility Pillow. I appreciate the details, thoughtfulness, and

great care that went into making such an exquisite art piece."

-- Jillian, Ogden Dunes, IN

“I love my Tranquility Pillow!”  

-- My’Iesha, South Bend, IN

"My tranquility pillow is a constant reminder of friendship and serenity amidst a chaotic

journey through medical school." 

-- Paulina, New Haven, CT

“The tranquility pillow is an artistic and deep creation that continues to impress me. The material is soft, the colors are vivid, and the concept is soothing. I can't help but smile whenever I look at the pillow ." 

-- Leo, Milwaukee, WI

“My students use the Tranquility Pillow as a way to calm down if they are feeling stressed or frustrated in their school day. The pillow also provides them with support in case they feel sad or upset over something. They will use it to soothe themselves and I find that it creates a more peaceful class.”

-- Jaime, elementary school teacher, Burleson, TX

“What a beautiful pillow! The design is stunning—such a refined treescape in delicate shades of white interspersed with bright touches of red. It’s the kind of design my eyes are drawn to and in which my soul feels like immersing itself for a long while.” 

-- Catherine, Niles, MI

“I love hugging the pillow when I’m anxious” (7th-grade student). 

“It’s good to hold during a test” (7th-grade student). 

– Sarah, a middle-school teacher in Winston-Salem, NC

On the Frankenstein Patchwork Pillow

“I am sending you a picture of my beautiful new pillow... I love it! Thank you so much!”

-- Amaya, Arlington, VA


“Good work, Viglione.”

-- Shep, Seattle, WA

On the Original Honey Girl Pillow

"The pillow has become my go-to item when I want to relax and take a break from studying or work. With a cup of tea, a good book, and the very helpful and much-needed cellphone pocket (to store away distractions for a moment), the pillow has become an ideal source of comfort.

I definitely recommend!"

-- Godsee, Notre Dame, IN

"Even when my phone isn't in the pouch, just seeing the pouch is a stress reliever for me.

It reminds me that there's more to life than technology or efficiency. Your pillows remind me to appreciate every moment--to chill out and live in the present."

-- Travon, Notre Dame, IN

"These pillows have truly served as a source of happiness and serenity these past couple of weeks. Knowing that they were handmade with a pouch that I can use for "unplugging" has reminded me to relax and focus on the important things in life. The pillow itself has a one-of-a-kind originality I could not find anywhere else."

-- Dinuka, Notre Dame, IN

“Presley LOVED her pillow.  It was a hit with her friends too. Thank you so much.

I can guarantee you will have a HUGE success with your business.”  

– Carol, South Bend, IN

"The fabric is soft and comforting, and I love the pocket for a phone! My quad mates also

are enjoying our new addition and were curious to hear the story behind it."

- Julia, Notre Dame, IN

"We love these pillows!"

- Laura and Chris, South Bend, IN and Andrea, Olympia, WA

On the Limited Edition Literary Pillow

“My literary pillow is a treasure for a bookworm like me! It found a perfect spot on

an antique chair among my books. I bet Emile Zola would have loved to have one

just like it.”

-- Déborah, Paris, France

"Elena (my cat) and my literary pillow - two wonderful reading companions! " 

-- Valentina, Lansing, MI

After traveling with me to Chicago, I brought your pillow to my studio, where it seems

to speak to a spirit of fellowship.”

- Carmen, Chicago, IL

On the Honey Girl quilts

My quilt provides a comfort stronger than family. If I’m sick or if I feel cold, this quilt reminds

me of the deep gift of friendship, the way friends adopt each other.” 

-- Laurent, Paris, France

"It's perfect--my favorite 'spot' for reading and naps."

-- Jean, South Bend, IN


“I have the quilt on my bed where it brings color and special meaning to my room, and in the night,

when the air gets chilly, I lay it over my blanket and it gives me a special warmth.”    

-- Joyce, New York, NY

"I added the quilt to Teddy's crib and it looks so beautiful!"

-- Ana Luiza, Edmonds, WA

“A special memory blanket from a great friend, like being wrapped up in love.”

-- Doug and Ryan, Mishawaka, IN

“I feel so loved when I wrap myself in my quilt. The squares bring up good memories and

also inspire me to be my best self.”    

-- Andrea, Seattle, WA

“This witty, warm, and winsome quilt tells a new story every time I look at it.  It fills

my bedroom and my life with color, change, and inspiration. Way, way more than a bedcover: it's a work of art and a funny friend, with patches in so many moods. I couldn't love it more.

You go, Honey Girl!”    

-- Jayne, Irvine, CA  

“Julia created a beautiful narrative quilt evoking the memories of Bernard, my husband of 58 years.

I treasure this unique, eye-catching story of our life together: our travels, his skilled woodworking,

the two little wrens that sang while he worked in the garden, and so much else.

The grandchildren have said it best, with ‘Awesome!’  Thank you, Julia from all the family.”  

-- Jane, South Bend, IN

"Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. I imagine that our Respect quilt

will be with us for a very long time!

-- Grace, Kigali City, Rwanda

"Thank you for the beautiful Respect Quilt.  It snuggles atop my bed making me smile each time I pass it.  I wanted to let you know how happy and proud Respect has made me."

--Nikki, Christiansburg, VA

"I received the beautiful quilt a couple days ago, and it is even more stunning in person!"

-- Marlene, Charlottesville, VA

"Thank you again, I really like the RARE quilt."

-- Elsabeth, Seattle, WA

"Thank you very much for your wonderful Respect quilt and all that it entails.

In this rather dreary time, it brought me, and others who have marveled at it, much joy."

-- Ken, Ithaca, NY

-- "My daughter is obsessed with this quilt which her grandpa helped design and which features favorite animals. Julia thoughtfully incorporated fabrics with unique origins and a personal note detailing these. A family heirloom for sure!" 

-- Megan, Seattle, WA

"I really love it." --Elroe, Seattle, WA

"I just received the Seattle quilt and love it. I'm wondering fin one of the faces might be Ann Wilson of HEART? Your craftsmanship is exceptional!!!" -- Janet, Jamestown, CA

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