Limited Edition Literary Pillows

Relive great moments from literature with a soft touch! These pillows feature key

passages from a famous book, tucked conveniently in their back pockets. 

Deluxe Book & Pillow Deal! (English or French version)

The Frankenstein of the Apple Crate book (hardcover; signed by the author) 

& a Frankenstein Patchwork Pillow of your choice, only $64.99! 

Choice of three pillow models:

1) "Big Heart," 2) "Scary Thoughts," or 3) "Happy, happy creature!"

Number 1. The Ladies’ Paradise

This design was inspired by some lustrous vintage satin from the estate of a

great seamstress named Betty. We were thrilled by the gift of that fabric and matching

thread, and the amazing descriptions in Emile Zola’s 1883 novel, The Ladies’ Paradise 

(about the first Parisian department store) to make this objet d’art. It is the first

in the series. With a black and white flannel pattern of women’s silhouettes from a

1950s fashion plate, the pillow features an elegant woman--with a distinct personality --wearing a full skirt made of a variety of satins. The back is satin too. Supplies limited.

Each Literary pillow is numbered sequentially and no two are alike.

When ordering, please designate the primary skirt color: pink, yellow, black, or peach. 

Price: $49.99

NEW!  Number 2.  Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

Frankenstein Patchwork Pillows

Models 1 and 2: “Big Heart” and “Scary Thoughts”

These 14” x 14” pillows in the season’s hit colors combine romance and fun for a freaky treat!  Designed by two Seattle artists, the pillow front tells the little-known love story of Frankenstein: how the Creature requested a girlfriend (here a dressmaker’s dummy

and a green Frankenstein button), and the scientist agreed… for a while. The Creatures’ portraits are framed with satin and flannel, then framed again with cotton squares

showing the horrors to come. Backs are made of black jersey flocked with grey

butterflies, with a cellphone pocket and card printed with two key scenes from 

Mary Shelley’s classic 1818 novel.

Two models with similar colors, fabrics: Model 1: “Big Heart”, Model 2: “Scary Thoughts”,

Model 3: "Happy, happy creature"

This 14” x 14” pillow in a sweet floral print framed in a bright pink and yellow batik shows

the Creature, designed by Seattle artist John Douthwaite, looking happy and hopeful.

It is inspired by the Creature’s speech to Victor Frankenstein, where he describes his

first spring and the joy of being alive. The back is in light-blue sky fabric with white clouds.

A few joyful lines from Shelley’s novel are printed on a card tucked into the cellphone

pocket in the back. Its sweet sentiment and wholesome 100% cotton make this pillow

suitable for a baby’s nursery, a child’s room, or as a gift to a new mother.

Price: $49.99

Frankenstein Pillow, Model 1,"Big Heart"

Frankenstein Pillow, Model 2,

"Scary Thoughts"

Frankenstein Pillow, Model 3,

"Happy, happy creature"

Front: Number 2. La Coquette             Front: Number 3. Grace                     Front: Number 4                                Front: Number 5                                Front: Number 6

                                                                                                                          The Coronation of Carmen                 Claire's Conquest                            Sophisticated Sister

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