Stylish and subtle, our 2-ply cotton face masks are available for free to three groups: elderly people, unemployed people, and medical personnel. Reserve yours today by emailing ! Lead time: 2-3 weeks.

NEW: 3-ply masks---with interfacing---for a crisper look with no ironing required, now available to general public. Features the adorable HGBG puppy logo label! New price: $15 each. Lead time: 2-3 weeks.

Stay safe, everybody!

Our 100% premium cotton masks are made according to the directions published in the New York Times; they are available in Adult and Petite sizes, and are attached by cotton ties for the latest in retro-chic style (see a recent Vogue!). The fronts are made for style; the linings are tight-woven white cotton for safety. There are styles for all personalities (including some French fabrics); since April 2, I've been posting pics of my work at the bottom of each day's note, on the Honey Girl blog.

Cash or check: pick-up on a chair outside my home studio in West Seattle. Mail orders by request, with payment & self-addressed stamped envelope.

Quilt production will recommence soon! A colorful quilt makes a great gift for these anxious times. (Tight on cash? Ask about the generous "Friends and Neighbors" discount.)

Right in time for spring: rainbow quilts made from Japanese kimono silk!  See a sampling here


Honey Girl Books and Gifts sells heirloom-quality products

that tell our stories and yours. We have three lines:

1) designer quilts and couch throws, each with a vintage touch

2) illustrated storybooks by award-winning writers,

3) stylish pillows, including the Zen-inspired Tranquility Pillows,

the Limited Edition Literary Pillows, surprising Destination Pillows, and the Original Honey Girl Pillow

Tours of our little home-based studio with the stunning view of Elliott Bay can be arranged and a variety of stock is available at all times for purchase. Let us know when you're in Seattle!   

Now on Etsy (free shipping in the USA)!

Face mask clients, April 2020


Limited edition face masks and pillow to honor the Seattle spirit!

1. West Seattle's "Honey Girl" logo printed on unbleached Kona cotton

2. "Seattle Sunrise" skyline

on pink & orange batik 

for more info 

The "Seattle Sunrise" pillow has a hopeful message .

Our cotton face masks are stylish and safe! 
- cotton ties allow for tighter fit
- CDC compliant
-created acc. to New York Times guidelines

Reading at Country Store

on Vashon Island drew a big crowd!

We love making personalized products!  Feel free to contact us with special requests, so that your gifts may be tailor-made to suit your loved ones.

Tranquilty Pillow  -- Winter design

Alice in Wonderland small size quilt

Olivia with her new quilt (above)

and Theodore with his quilt (below)

Frankenstein Pillow 3

"Happy, happy creature!"

Front and Back

Frankenstein book:

English version

Frankenstein book:

French translation

Frankenstein book:

Spanish translation

Honey Girl Books and Gifts LLC, Seattle WA 98116 
En France, contactez notre Directrice de vente: