Coming soon: Respect Quilts! 

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and a special former student from South Bend, Indiana, the original "Respect Quilts" I am making now feature beautiful cottons, African waxes, and custom-designed fabrics purchased from Black-owned businesses all around the USA--from Seattle, WA, St Louis, MO, Brooklyn, NY, Rahway, NJ, and Austin, TX. Seen here is no.1, in-progress (9/21/20).

Designed as a wall-hanging or a bed cover, these unique quilts make a warm-hearted political statement of unity and sisterhood. 50% of the proceeds will be donated to a non-profit committed to helping minority youth flourish: the Boys and Girls Clubs of two places we have called home: Saint Joseph County, IN and King County, WA. 

Prices: $750 for Queen size (54" x 78"); $500 for couch throw / child's bed (36" x 45")

plus tax and shipping

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Honey Girl Books and Gifts features heirloom-quality products that tell our stories and yours in three lines:

1. Custom-made and original quilts, each with a vintage touch

2. Illustrated story books for kids and adults, by prize-winning authors

3. Stylish pillows 

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The Quilt Show and reading of our first children's book in October 2019 at the Country Store on Vashon Island drew a big crowd, back when that was still possible...

We love making personalized products!  Feel free to contact us with special requests, so that your gifts may be tailor-made to suit your loved ones.

My'Iesha (left) and Andrea (right) with their HGBG gifts.

The "Seattle Sunrise" pillow has a hopeful message .

Also cheerful is Frankenstein Pillow,

model 3: "Happy, happy creature!"

Alice in Wonderland small size quilt

Olivia with her new quilt (above)

and Theodore with his quilt (below)

Frankenstein book:

English version

Frankenstein book:

French translation

Frankenstein book:

Spanish translation

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