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Celebrate the legacy of

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a "Respect" or "Seattle" quilt: 50% off until 1/21/22!

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Get cozy now, with a Seattle Quilt!

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One year later, and the BLM-inspired "Respect Quilt" project is still going strong!

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"Respect" quilts no. 12 (left) and no. 6 and no. 8 (right)

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"A very meaningful project"
-- Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi, eminent scholar, curator, and creator of quilts

Inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and a special former student from South Bend, Indiana, the original "Respect Quilts" I am making now feature beautiful cottons from Africa, vintage linens, and custom-designed fabrics from Black-owned businesses all around the USA--from Seattle, WA, St Louis, MO, Brooklyn, NY, Rahway, NJ, and Austin, TX. The provocative patches on the back declare "Respect Existence or Expect Resistance!" and show images of Black civil rights leader Malcolm X and words from a Bob Marley song, "One Love." For more photos and to purchase, see our store on Etsy.

Designed as a wall-hanging or a bed coverlet, these unique quilts make a warm-hearted political statement of unity. For every "Respect" quilt sold, $100 will be donated. The funds will go to the Boys and Girls Clubs of two places we call home: Saint Joseph County, IN and King County, WA. 

Price for a "Respect" quilt (54" x 76"), with free shipping (and tax if applicable) = $499.99

Now available!: A Spooky Tale of Spring, Or, How the Grumpy Mom Got her Cheer Back

A "Christmas Carol" for our times, featuring the Covid-19 virus and a Ghostly cat, with a happy ending that shows how creativity can flower in a friendly urban setting. Illustrated by Kiera Highsmith, with historical or contextual notes by Dickens scholar, Chris VandenBossche, and animal rights activist, Wendy A. Wolfe. 40 pages, color illus. Ages 8-12 and Adult.

Murray Baumgarten, Founder of the UCSC Dickens Project writes:  "Laughter heals, and this lovely book kept me laughing. It's a wonderful tribute to Dickens's Christmas Carol, by extending it to animals. Our pets come out ahead here, knowing things it would be best for we adults to learn and take to heart. And as we laugh and chortle, we heal."  Available now at Pegasus Book Exchange in West Seattle (online), as well as other online sellers!

Front cover Viglione Spooky Tale Nov 1 .
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Honey Girl Books and Gifts features heirloom-quality products that tell our stories and yours in three lines:

1. Custom-made and original quilts, each with a vintage touch

2. Illustrated

story books 

3. Stylish pillows 


The Quilt Show and reading of our first children's book in October 2019 at the Country Store on Vashon Island drew a big crowd, back when that was still possible...

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The Frankenstein quilt

tells a wild story!

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My'Iesha (left) and Andrea (right) with their HGBG gifts.

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The "Seattle Sunrise" pillow has a hopeful message .


Also cheerful is Frankenstein Pillow,

model 3: "Happy, happy creature!"

Alice in Wonderland small size quilt

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Kids love our quilts!

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Frankenstein book:

English version


Frankenstein book:

French translation

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Frankenstein book:

Spanish translation