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Hi there! 

I'm Julia, the founder, designer, publisher, and chief seamstress behind HGBG.

I was once a professor of French literature--a very serious academic, but not anymore!


A reviewer called one of my books un chef d’œuvre and compared it to un ouvrage de femme like lace. Little did he know that I was always a textile, tactile artist at heart, ever since I started sewing at age 15.


Now living in my hometown Seattle again, my artistic spirit has been rejuvenated and I've created this business--and related literary activities in the city--to share the good feelings.  (See local events under "Sustainability.")  

You could call it a family thing. My father, GK Jeff Douthwaite, was once a local state legislator, a boatman,

and activist; and my mother, Mary Somerville, was a librarian, a teacher, and a longtime member of the Seattle League of Women Voters.  I'm having fun and building community my way, and inviting you to join in.

NEWS!  Experience the quilts Thursday, June 13 at the West Seattle Art Walk! HGBG will be present from 5-8pm, at the John L. Scott Real Estate office, 4445 California Ave. S.W., Seattle, WA!

                    Follow HGBG creations on Instagram or the "Daily Joy with Honey Girl" blog

20% wisdom discount: If you have graced this planet 60 or more years, just enter code SEASRS when checking out from our Etsy store. I'll reimburse your shipping fees too! (Domestic shipping in USA.)

Camila Ricardo with RARE Quilt no 4 June 29 2023.jpeg

Camila and her RARE quilt,

Spring 2023


Julia, the founder of HGBG                       My dog  Honey Girl                                   Sandra, a fellow writer

                                                                        (2009 -- 2023)

                                                               The inspiration for this biz

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