The Tranquility Pillow

Each Tranquility Pillow includes a special Zen message to help you relax.  To keep with the nature design, the Spring and Winter pillows are accompanied by river imagery such as: “May your worries drift away, like a leaf on the river” or “May your pain float away, like a leaf on the river.” 

The backs are made of velour and, like all HGBG pillows, feature a pocket. The two fabric leaves capture your changing emotions: snap off the first leaf and contemplate your fears. Snap off the second leaf and enjoy sweet memories. When a leaf snaps on, worries disappear as they float down the stream to serenity.

Clients report good things happen when a Tranquility Pillow is at hand:


"The Tranquility pillow sits on a small chair in my office where students sit for a time to relax.  When I invite them to sit in the chair, the child instantly picks up the pillow and places the it on his/her lap.  As we begin to talk the child begins to calmly ‘pet’ the soft satin or velour.  Then I would allow the student to change the star to reflect the emotion being felt.  This worked really well."

--Melissa, Title 1 Intervention Specialist, South Bend, IN


“I love to sit in my chair and hold it in my arms when I am talking to my daughter; it’s great to snuggle up to.”

--Erin, nurse from Seattle, WA


“This beautiful pillow has a prominent place in my office and has provided a perfect dose of tranquility to both adults and students. The ‘Moonrise’ design on satin and velour feels luxurious and the pocket on back is very convenient for holding the pieces. The deeper messages about coping and dreams were perfect for our students, and the children especially enjoyed expressing their feelings with the monster star.”

--Erin, fine arts teacher from South Bend, IN

Night with velcro Jan 1 2019.png
Pair of Night pillows Jan 1 2019.png

Spring and Winter Tranquility Pillows  

Price: $84.99

Night Tranquility Pillows

Price: $94.99

size 14"x 14" x 4"

The Spring Tranquility Pillow features a light green pastoral

background where deer gracefully stand and a red fox peeps

out of a hollow tree trunk. A river made of blue satin, cotton,

and linen runs across the pillow. On the river, floats a leaf made

of green batik (with a scary creature on the back) or pink satin

(with fairies dancing on a flannel back). Backed in dark green


The Winter Tranquility Pillow features a light grey fabric depicting a forest of bare trees, where tiny red birds perch in waiting. The river is made in layers of light grey satin, blue cotton, and pale blue satin, upon which a birch-bark brown leaf floats (hiding a scary creature underneath), or a blue satin leaf (with flannel fairyland backing). The back is made of charcoal grey velour.

Check out more pics, and a rave from New York Times reporter Catherine Price, on her Instagram site!  

Spring Tranquility Pillow

"After the Flood: Rebound"

The Night Tranquility Pillows

These pillows were inspired by this Zen lesson: “Even when we enter

disturbed water, we can still align ourselves with the moon, until such time when

we can look at it directly.” The pillow fronts are made of navy cotton that looks like a night sky, decorated with a white satin crescent moon that floats above a navy sea.

The backs are made of purple velour.

Three stars accompany each pillow, each with a symbolic meaning. The back

of the white satin star shows the fears we carry about every day. The back of the

blue star is a dream of happiness. The third star is the S.O.S. “Freak Out!” star

which has a nightmare on both sides. This pillow can be used as a nonverbal

means of communication, so that can family, room-mates, or friends can see

how things are going.

Two styles:

Night Tranquility Pillow No. 1: "Shooting Star" (with a long white satin trail) and

Night Tranquility Pillow No. 2: Moonrise (with a two-tone blue sea)

Tranquility Pillow -- Night design, no. 1  

"Shooting Star"    

You can request velcro or the traditional snaps fasteners, to make it easier for tiny or tired fingers to attach and remove the cloth stars or leaves. As the tag says, “Snap on a star and let your feelings be seen. It’s as natural as a night sky.”


Back of pillow and front with "Freak Out" star

Tranquility Pillow--Night design, no. 2