Designer quilts

Although I've been sewing since age 15, a couple years ago I began making story-telling quilts for friends near and far. Now they are available to you too!  These quilts capture your memories and delight the family. They are hand-designed patterns made primarily of cotton and flannel, but any fabrics can be used, including linen, denim, and satin. Send in your own fabrics (Tshirts or used clothing with sentimental value), if you like! 

The custom quilts come with an original "story of you” that can be “read” from top to bottom, left to right. Four original designs are also available: Frankenstein, "A European Childhood," "Western Pacific," and Alice in Wonderland.  Two quilts made of Japanese Kimono silk came to life in spring 2020; for photos of all these gorgeous creations, see the HGBG Etsy site! 

Each of these lightweight three-ply blankets is unique, of course. In two to three weeks,

I will produce a work of textile art in vibrant color, images, and imaginative symbols.  Backs are in cotton or flannel. (To see how a quilt is made, check out the posts of Aug. 2- Aug. 13, 2019

on our "Daily Joy with Honey Girl" blog.)

Prices vary according to size and design:

Custom quilts

Baby / Toddler or Lap-size quilt (36" x 45"):  $399.99 

Couch throw or Single bed (48" x 75"):  $499.99

Original HGBG designs

"A European Childhood," and "Alice in Wonderland (small)"

(36" x 45"): $399.99

"Frankenstein" quilts no. 2 or 3 (36"x 45"): $524.99

"Western Pacific" and "Alice in Wonderland (large)"

(48" x 75") : $499.99

Japanese Kimono silk quilts, no. 1 or 2 

        (48" x 75"): $1024.99

Undecided? Let's arrange a Zoom meeting to see

the quilts in person!  

Custom orders will by done by Zoom, or email with a photo of the person or

 people to be honored, sent to 

"A European Childhood," "Frankenstein," and Japanese Kimono silk styles

are available exclusively in our Etsy shop!

The illustrated catalog of our first exhibit, "A Life in Quilts, ca. 1979 - 2019"

(held on Vashon Island, WA) is available on

Alice in Wonderland (small) quilt

Click below to see our founder explain

the SPARK class quilt (December 2017)

The Great Chain of Quilts

1.    November 10: Jean’s Quilt Day

2.    November 21: Doug and Ryan’s Quilt Day

3.    December 3: Joyce’s Quilt Day

4.    December 13: Laurent and Véronique’s Quilt Day

5.    January 13: Jayne’s Quilt Day

6.    February 7: Our Quilt Day

7.    February 26 : Andrea’s Quilt Day

8.    May 6: Garance’s Quilt Day

9.    July 5: Seannessy’s Quilt Day

10.   July 29: Dana’s Quilt Day

Baby Olivia's quilt front

Quilt fans come in all

shapes and sizes. Puppy loves "Western Pacific" couch throw!

11.    September 29: Jane’s Quilt Day

12.    December 15: The SPARK class’s Quilt Day (and graduation day, fall semester          2017, Saint Mary’s College, South Bend, IN)

13.    July 22: Pam's Quilt Day

14.     May 29: Baby Teddy's Quilt Day

15.     May 30: Baby Olivia's Quilt Day

16.    June 15: Baby Zoe's Quilt Day

17.    August 14: Baby Tomas's Quilt Day

18.  September 7: Baby Sofia's Quilt Day

19.  January 4:  Meghan's Quilt Day (and wedding day)

20.  August 25: Emma's Quilt Day

"Western Pacific" close-up (above).

Jane with her memory quilt, in honor of husband Bernard (right)

The SPARK class and our founder, with their commemorative quilt at graduation in 2017 (left)

"Ought not two quilts ever be the same."

-- Mensie Lee Pettway, in The Quilts of Gee's Bend

Baby Teddy's quilt front

Alice in Wonderland quilt detail

Kimono silk quilt no. 1  (above) and no. 2 (below)

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