Destination Pillows

The Destination pillows use design, color, and texture to commemorate events of our time. 

To honor the bravery of our city during the recent COVID-19 crisis, we've created the "Seattle Sunrise" pillow. 

Wide bands of opulent gold satin wrap the city skyline snugly in their embrace, while a turbulent pink and yellow sunrise over a blue satin sea evokes the stunning natural setting. The back--in pink or gold--suggests that the city will rise again, and better times will come.  

The message?  "After the corona-storm, a renaissance."

Price: $64.99

Each "Destination" pillow will appear a little bit different, due to the natural variation in coloring of the pink and yellow batik we're using as "sunrise".

In homage to the spirit of civic engagement, the "Paris in Revolt / Paris révolutionnaire" was created. Inspired by the "Yellow Vest" demonstrations of 2018-2019, this pillow features a thin gold-framed sunrise skyline, placed onto worn jeans fabric. The slim gold boundary between the famous city--from the Eiffel Tower to the Arc de Triomphe--and the rough fabric is meant to remind us of how the sans-culottes liberated France from feudalism back in 1789. Pillow backs are made of neon yellow utility fabric with white cotton stripes, evoking the Gilets jaunes or Yellow Vest protesters of 2018-19. The cellphone pocket is trimmed in pink cotton with a portrait of a French queen who looks on the scene with a wry gaze. Hope for the republic is symbolized by the tricolor flag patch stitched on the pocket.

The message is: "Des sans-culottes aux gilets jaunes, Paris tente la révolution." 

(From the sans culottes of 1789 to the Yellow Vests of 2019, Paris tempts revolution.)  

$64.99:  Paris pillow  

Check out the pillow's timely visit to Paris, and some fabulous street art discovered there, on our blog, "A Revolution in Fiction"!

About Batik

Batik is a special kind of cloth; ours is in a flowerburst pattern. Practiced almost exclusively on Java, batik-making involves a complex wax-resistance process in which all parts of a cloth that are not to be dyed are coated on both sides with wax before the cloth is dipped into the dye. It is a time-consuming process and the resulting cloth features unique combinations of organic shapes and bright colors.

"Seattle Sunrise" Pillow 

with Batik Back

Seattle Sunset no 1SHOP.png

"Seattle Sunrise" 

Pillow with 

Gold Satin Back

Seattle Sunset no 1GoldSHOP.png
Paris front F&B.png

"Paris in Revolt / Paris révolutionnaire"

Pillow Front and Back

pocket queen 2.png
pocket queen3.png

"Paris in Revolt / Paris révolutionnaire"

Detail of Backs, featuring portraits of

French queens