Honey Girl handkerchief

14″ x 14″, in premium unbleached muslin with the adorable Honey Girl logo,

bordered in light blue or pink cotton trim. Head off to work with a snappy touch!

(Also perfect for a doll tea party.)   Price: $9.99


Karma Buddy door decorator

Lighten up, with a soft touch. This 5” x 5” pillow is just soft enough to get the

message across: with a red flannel or denim back, it says: “strength, calm,

karma, love, focus” and other good thoughts.  Price: $5.99 each

Hankies in pink and blue.png
Hankie with man's wallet and keys.png
Karma buddy model 1 front.png

Karma Buddy 

Model 1, front

Karma buddy front model 2.png

Karma Buddy 

Model 2, front

Karma buddy model 2 front.png

Karma Buddy 

Flannel Back

Karma buddy jeans back Feb 7 2019.png

Karma Buddy 

Denim Back