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Honey Girl Books and Gifts is the creation of Julia Douthwaite Viglione, a writer and teacher as well as a seamstress. While on the faculty of the University of Notre Dame in 2012 she created "Write YOUR Story," a semester-long writing workshop for kids in South Bend, and in 2018 it came with her to Seattle! WYS aims to inspire kids with the same love of reading and writing which have made our lives so rich and satisfying. The price for all classes, as it always was, is free.

Like Write YOUR Story, HGBG is a deliberately small, sustainable business. We use fabrics from all kinds of sources. There are cottons, pieces of kimono silk, used and vintage fabrics, and remnants from a high-end interior design business owned by a family member. Each work is slightly different. All products are made in West Seattle, WA, USA. 

As of November 2018, we are proud to be an active supporter of Impact West Seattle, a local giving circle dedicated to improving living standards in Seattle for people who are sometimes overlooked (homeless, immigrants, mentally ill) as well as our beautiful natural environment. "We are a coalition of women in West Seattle who use our collective giving and action to make an impact on the social, economic and environmental issues facing our region." 

For more on this awesome initiative, read their story!

White Rotary Sewing Machine -
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For years, Grandma's 1928 White Rotary sewing machine was the sole support for HGBG. Although a lovely new Juki machine has taken its place, you can click here to hear the soothing sounds of Grandma's machine in action.

Grandma with her family in

White Salmon, WA circa 1905

(she’s front row, second from right)    

Honey Girl Books and Gifts LLC, Seattle WA 98116 
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