(and the heads of people you love) with a Honey Girl pillow!

Honey Girl Books and Gifts is committed to helping people rediscover the joys of a simpler time. One of the ways we do this is by encouraging people to curb the use of cellphones and other hand-held digital devices, especially during evening activities and before bedtime.


Become informed about the health hazards of cell phones and bright lights on your eyes.

Here are a few reliable sources to start:


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Purchase a HGBG pillow. All our pillows come with a handy pocket in the back.


When your day is done (or any time!), turn off the cell phone or digital device.

Place it in the pocket of your HGBG pillow. 



Relax, reconnect with the people you love (including yourself), and let your head get some rest.

STEP FIVE (optional):

Gradually lengthen the amount of time your device is resting each day. Start small (5-10 minutes), then try 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and more. Over time, if you stick with this discipline, we guarantee you will start to feel different: calmer, more centered, and happier.