Frankenstein Book

French version

Our owner loves France and went to Paris regularly, before COVID-19, to see friends and keep up on what's going on. Such plans are now on hold, of course, but the friendships remain strong.

For her scholarship on the so-called "wild girl of Champagne"--la jeune fille sauvage de Champagne--she was featured in a radio show on France Culture on Christmas day, 2021--a rebroadcast of the show from spring 2019.

Check out her popular blog on the French Revolution too!

The products with the "French Style" icon share the latest ideas and special styles with you.   

French style items include:

a) Frankenstein books, especially the one in French translation!  

See book page for details.


b) Literary pillow: The Ladies’ Paradise (inspired by Zola's novel, 

Au Bonheur des damesSee Literary pillow page for details.


c) The “Frenchie pillow” 

The limited edition “Frenchie” pillow has a seaside motif. It is made of cotton,

made in France, in bright yellow, blue, and white. The pillow back resembles a

patchwork quilt (with a cellphone pocket of course), and the pillow front has

quaint scenes in blue and white of children on the beach with captions

in French. (Here are the translations, just in case.)

                      « Martin aime aller à la pêche et remplir son panier.»

                       Martin likes to go fishing and fill up his basket.

                       « La mer est belle, le sable est frais.» The sea is beautiful, the

                                       sand is cool.

                       « Malo regarde les voiliers avec sa lunette.» Malo watches the                                     

                        sailboats with his telescope.

                       « Le phare, de ses rochers, domine la baie.» The lighthouse, from                             

                          its rock, looks over the bay.

Frenchie pillow: $39.99



d) "Paris in Revolt / Paris révolutionnaire." Inspired by real events,

this pillow features a thin gold-framed sunset skyline, placed onto worn jeans

fabric. The slim gold boundary between the famous city--from the Eiffel Tower

to the Arc de Triomphe--and the rough fabric is meant to remind us of how 

the sans-culottes forced France out of feudalism into democracy back in 1789.

Pillow backs are made of neon yellow utility fabric with white cotton 

stripes, evoking the Gilets jaunes or Yellow Vest protesters of 2018-19.

The cellphone pocket is trimmed in pink cotton with a portrait of a French

queen who looks on the scene with a wry gaze. Hope for the republic 

is symbolized by the tricolor flag patch stitched on the pocket.

The message is: "Des sans-culottes aux gilets jaunes, Paris tente

la révolution."  (From the sans culottes of 1789 to the Yellow Vests

of 2019, Paris tempts revolution.)  

Paris pillow:  $64.99  

"Frenchie" Pillow  

Front (above)

and Back

Frenchie pillow.png
Frenchie pillow front.png

Literary Pillow: Ladies' Paradise / Au Bonheur des dames 


"Paris in Revolt / Paris révolutionnaire"

Pillow Front and Back