Hi there!

I'm Julia, the founder, designer, publisher, and chief seamstress behind HGBG.

I was once a professor of French literature--a very serious academic, learned author of tomes read by the few. A reviewer called one of my books "un chef d’œuvre" and compared it to "un ouvrage de femme" like lace. Little did he know that I was always a textile, tactile artist at heart, ever since I started sewing at age 15. Now living in Seattle near family, my artistic spirit has been rejuvenated and I've created this business to share the good feelings.  

Rest easy, with Honey Girl by your side. 

Follow HGBG creations as they happen, on the "Daily Joy with Honey Girl" blog!  (You will not find us on Facebook.)

P.S.S. Novembre 2019 : Nous sommes ravies d’annoncer que Florence Barbini (Paris) servira désormais de Directrice de vente pour Honey Girl Books and Gifts Europe. florence.barbinigras@gmail.com

Julia, the founder of HGBG                       My dog  Honey Girl                                   Sandra, a fellow writer

Honey Girl Books and Gifts LLC, Seattle WA 98116     juliawsea@gmail.com 
En France, contactez notre Directrice de vente: florence.barbinigras@gmail.com